June 17, 2018
Featured Cosplayer

I’m currently a full-time student in college but I try my best to make time for the hobbies I’m passionate about, such as cosplay and art. This year, I’ve also become interested in Lolita/Harajuku fashion, so I may also model fashion for fun. After University, I plan on becoming a teacher, so I’ll be working my hardest to create quality content for people to enjoy before I graduate and life becomes too busy. Because I’m from San Diego, I primarily attend conventions in California! I’ve been cosplaying since 2014 and drawing since I was little. I get my inspiration for cosplay and art from video games like League of Legends & Overwatch or from TV series & Anime. Although I specialize in creating props, armor-based cosplays, and fan art, I strive to improve in all aspects of my hobbies to the best of my ability!


To me, creating cosplay and art is my way of expressing myself and my admiration for a series or character.